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Marion County Transit Plan, November 2016 Referendum for Tax Increase

The 2021 Marion County Transit Plan requires passage of a November 2016 referendum of a 0.25% income tax increase by voters. That represents $0.25 for every $100 of taxable income. The transit plan increases the number of buses by 23% an service hours by 70%. The new transit plan would improve transit investment by the [...]

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Buying a House and Moving with Children

A recent report from the National Association of Realtors shows that a vast majority of families with children prefer to use an experienced real estate agent to help in the process. Some of the reasons are described below: Buying a Home in a Good School District Many parents have the inate desire to ensure that [...]

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IURC Approves 463 Overlay of 317 Area Code

A new 463 area code is needed because the 317 area has been projected to run out of available numbers. All new area codes that have been added in the United States since 2008 have used the overlay, instead of the geographic split that was primarily used before then. With overlays, consumers do not have [...]

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