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Buying a House and Moving with Children

A recent report from the National Association of Realtors shows that a vast majority of families with children prefer to use an experienced real estate agent to help in the process. Some of the reasons are described below: Buying a Home in a Good School District Many parents have the inate desire to ensure that [...]

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IURC Approves 463 Overlay of 317 Area Code

A new 463 area code is needed because the 317 area has been projected to run out of available numbers. All new area codes that have been added in the United States since 2008 have used the overlay, instead of the geographic split that was primarily used before then. With overlays, consumers do not have [...]

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What Young Buyers Look For When Buying a House

Buying a house is a long term financial commitment. Because of this, home buyers must find a home that meet their needs for many years to come. Below is a list of 9 things that young buyers are looking for: Big Kitchen with Open Floor Plan Both the kitchen and the family room have become [...]

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Tips for Finding the Right Mortgage Lending Company in Central Indiana

So you are ready to buy a house in the Greater Indianapolis area and you are looking for the right mortgage lender to help you with a home loan? This article will help you understand your options and to help you find the best mortgage lending company for your needs. The residential mortgage lending industry [...]

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Student Loan Debt and Buying Real Estate Property

Does student loan debt cause some first time home buyers to delay buying real estate property? The first rule of finding out is to not assume anything. You may have a lot of student loan debt, but try to qualify for a mortgage anyway. The first step is to speak to a qualified mortgage lender [...]

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What is a Real Estate Title Company & Title Insurance

A Real Estate Title Company makes sure that the title (or legal ownership) to a piece of real estate property is legitimate and legal. The title company makes sure property ownership is legitimate so that the buyer can be confident that he/she will become the rightful owner of the property. There are a number of [...]

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Should I Rent or Buy a Home

Buying a home is one of the most expensive things a person will do in life. It is often difficult to know whether you should continue to rent a home or invest the money and time to buy a house. Below are some questions to help you make that decision. How Long Do You Expect [...]

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Best Time for Seller to Put Their Home on the Market

Is there a "Best Time" to sell a house? Experienced realtors, brokers, and real estate agents understand local market conditions that affect buyer demand for residential property. Whether demand is high or demand is low during any given year, if you are selling AND buying a house then there is no clear good or bad [...]

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What are Fiduciary Duties of a Real Estate Agent

Fiduciary duties literally means the tasks of a faithful servant. When a person who wants to buy or sell a house contracts with a real estate agent or realtor, that realty agent must bide by certain principles, requirements, and behaviors or risk losing the real estate license. Fiduciary duties are the highest duties known to [...]

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What is Earnest Money Deposit When Buying a House

This is what you need to know about the earnest money deposit when buying a house. what is Earnest Money Deposit The earnest money deposit tells the home seller that you are a committed home buyer. It is a substantial sum of money typically in the form of a personal check, money order, or cashier’s [...]

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