Nichol Grady
Nichol GradyReal Estate Broker
Raised in Indianapolis, Nichol has a deep passion for her community. With a background in finance and investments, she transferred this wealth of information to the Real Estate market here in central Indiana. She specializes in educating and helping home buyers while minimizing the amount of challenges during a transaction. Nichol’s enthusiasm and hard work will ensure you get the best service in finding your dream home. Nichol is passionate about giving back to her community and stays connected by volunteering with her church in various service projects. In her free time, Nichol loves to spend time with her family, friends and dog Winston.
Chris Burgess
Chris BurgessReal Estate Broker
After graduating the Kelly School of Business, Chris realized that he could use his Business Management background and long time passion for real estate to make a significant impact on others. With buying or selling a home being one of the most important moments in our lives, he knew that being a Realtor would be a way to make a difference. In his free time Chris enjoys participating in a bowling league
Dan Madriaga
Dan MadriagaInside Sales Manager
As a graduate of Philosophy, Dan loves to connect to people and create a valuable impact on the lives of others. His family is everything to him and is what motivates him to love his job everyday. In his free time Dan spends quality playing time with his wife and one kid, going outdoors to commune with nature, and loves to cook and entertain his friends and family in his home.
Joe Smith
Joe SmithManaging Broker
Joe Smith is a Realtor who loves his family, loves his clients, and loves his community.

Joe has a long record of successfully guiding home buyers and sellers through the complicated and sometimes stressful process of a real estate transaction. He has all 5 star ratings on Zillow and in 2016 he personally helped more buyers become homeowners than 98% of all other central Indiana agents.

Joe is married and has two beautiful and energetic daughters. In his free time he either enjoys a cozy fire in his fireplace or appreciates the beauty of nature .

Information about Smith Realty Group:

Who are we?

Smith Realty Group is not your ordinary brokerage. Our agents combine our love of Indianapolis with our goal of helping people buy or sell their home. Our passion shows as we are in the Top 2% of REALTORS in Indianapolis bringing buyers to listings.

Why We Are Different?

Many Realtors will tell you anything to get you to buy a house or sell your house as quickly as possible just so they can get their next paycheck. At Smith Realty we want you to buy or sell on your time frame and when you are ready.  We want to help you invest in the RIGHT home instead of pushing you to buy the wrong one. When you work with Smith Realty Group, we communicate with our clients.  We won’t disappear after we get your listing and put the sign in your yard and we won’t disappear for buyers after we have an accepted offer.  We will be there communicating with and helping you through the entire journey.

We make sure you thoroughly understand the process—whether you’re a first-time buyer or you’ve done it before—so you never feel lost wondering what the next step might be. We do the important things to market a home for sale by helping with staging, using professional photography, social media, and advertising to our personal networks.

More than that, we can promise you these three things:

– We will be prompt to call and email you back

– We will tell you the truth

– We care about you

How can we help you?

Call us or e-mail us today at (317) 662-2885 or and we will help make your home buying and selling goals into your reality!