You are ready to sell your house. There are a number of simple things you can do to make the process of selling your home a simple, quick, and cost effective process.

Real Estate Listing Agent

The first step is to find a real estate listing agent that can guide you through the entire process. A real estate agent, especially for the home seller, offers a variety of valuable tools and experiences that can decrease costs, increase the sale amount, guide you through the entire transaction, and advocate for you. A real estate listing agent can be a significant asset. They can attract more home buyers through marketing, show the house for you, screen buyers for credit worthiness and help negotiating an offer.

Best Home Improvements and Upgrades for Resale

How much should I invest and what are the best home improvements and upgrades to make to gain the most in a house resale? Home improvement can be expensive, and not all of these upgrades add to the overall appraisal and sale price of the house. Consult with your real estate agent for the best solutions related to your house.

  1. Create a Sense of Flow and Openness
    Pay attention to storage space and capacity. How do you get large items, such as a refrigerator or large sofa in and out of certain living spaces? Does the kitchen or dining room feel isolated from the rest of the house?
  2. Landscape Design and Architecture
    Landscape design and architecture is related to the layout, look and feel of your outside spaces. This includes: lawn mowing, bush trimming, fire pits, swimming pools, gardens, and more. You may not want to do major projects, such as a swimming pool, but you do want to make the exterior look clean, kept, and presentable.
  3. Improve Interior Lighting
    Interior lighting is much more than placing a reading light by the sofa. Proper lighting, along with light colored walls, ceiling, and floors, creates a well lit and inviting place for people to live and socialize.
  4. Home Maintenance Projects
    You may think twice about replacing plumbing, wiring, or a roof, but make sure you pay attention to those little maintenance projects, such as clean gutters, repair plumbing leaks, remove clogs from drains, and fix windows.
  5. Pay Attention to the Front Door
    The front door of the house is typically the first thing a home buyer sees. Make sure it is well lit, clean, organized, and has some style to it. Install a nice front door, screen door, and perhaps even a storm door. Think about adding an awning or overhand.
  6. Flooring Installation and Maintenance
    Make sure the flooring is in good shape. You may want to install new flooring or repair the one you have. Make sure it is clean and presentable.
  7. Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation
    Kitchen and bathroom renovation could substantially increase the value of a home. Upgrade to new sinks and bathtubs. Swap out the old toilet with a new one. Apply fresh caulk and paint.
  8. Neutral Wall Colors
    Remove paint cracking and peeling with neutral colors. Paint is typically better than wall paper.

Home Staging Photos and Tips

Home staging is about arranging the house in a way that shows its best features to a potential home buyer. There are a number of tips that can improve home value. Make sure photos you take and post are great quality and show the house in an appealing fashion. Below are some home staging tips and ideas.

  1. Clean the Whole House
    Wipe down walls. Clean the floors. Remove grime from kitchen and bathroom sinks.
  2. Decorate for Both Men and Women
    Choose colors, patterns, etc that both men and women like. Use color schemes throughout each living space.
  3. Replace Old Kitchen Appliances with New Ones
    New kitchen appliances bring higher bids from home buyers, so get rid of old appliances that make the rest of the kitchen look dated.
  4. Pay Attention to Curb Appeal
    Make sure the front is clean and tidy. Repair or replace front door, garage door, and windows. Make sure the exterior landscaping is attractive.
  5. Room Staging
    Clear out clutter or other personal items that distract buyers. Paint the walls a neutral tone, and furnish the space to show off how functional it is.
  6. Room Lighting
    Allow for proper lighting. Open window blinds. Place lighting fixtures in strategic locations. Replace light bulbs.
  7. Remove Unpleasant Odors
    Clean pet stains. Replace carpet if necessary. Use air freshener.

House List Price

An experienced real estate agent knows the value of a house and an appropriate market list price. This does not represent the final price, but an initial offering that opens negotiations with a potential buyer.